Van security

Van security

We offer various options of security and protection, from immobiliser alarms through to well-known GPS trackers.


This system works by surrounding the locks with a stainless-steel exterior plate which is bolted through the steel doorskin and then through an even larger steel backing plate. It makes it almost impossible to tamper with your lock and also does not spoil your vehicle aesthetics.


Deadlocks are fitted to wheel doors and operated by a bolt to the slot mounted in opposite body section. Operated by a unique key, adding extra protection to your belongings and vehicle. Note: Deadlock has to be activated and deactivated each time manually.


Very similar to Deadlocks with one little difference. Once you close the door, it will automatically close itself. Key is only needed to open it.

Catalytic Converter Protectors

Catalytic Converters are very popular and valuable items on the second-hand market. New, dealer parts can cost more that £2,000, and can be targets for thieves as they can be removed in less than a minute. We can install a high grade stainless still bracing that will protect the catalytic converter from being stolen.

Proximity sensors

Protection designed for large sized vehicles. As vans usually have expensive tools at the back, installing a movement sensor wouldn’t be a good idea, as any slight wind or car movement activate the alarm. On the other hand, Proximity sensors works on temperature change. As the body has different temperature to all the surroundings, if sensed, the alarm is triggered.”

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