RSE ( Rear Seat Entertainment ) Systems

RSE ( Rear Seat Entertainment ) Systems

This installation will transform the passenger entertainment, giving the user an experience to web browse, watch films on HD theatre-quality LCD, and the potential to play games on a PS4 or Xbox. The RSE rear seat entertainment systems are a whole new level of innovation that deliver the ultimate experience for the passenger.

There is two types of Rear Seat Entertainment System:

Headrests LCD / DVD

For headrest installation, we will perfectly match your car upholstery colour and fabric type to your requirements. Screens can be installed directly in the headrests; which are the perfect solution to keep the kids quiet and entertained whilst driving.

Overhead Monitors DVD / DVB-T

A little older but still a very popular way of entertaining passengers in the back seats, especially if the headrests are not designed to fit monitors. This works exactly the same way as the headrests monitors, the difference being that they are mounted on your roof lining.

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